Laws & Rules Continuing Education Course


During the current (2017-2019) renewal period, all licensees are required to complete the one (1) hour continuing education course on cosmetology laws and rules.  This course must be completed by January 31, 2019.

Laws & Rules Continuing Education Requirement

The following training course is designed to meet the requirement of OAC 4713-21-03
(1) A licensee shall complete continuing education in the following manner:
    (a) An individual that holds a license to practice a branch of cosmetology, advanced license, or instructor license shall complete the following hours of continuing education for each license held:
         (i)     One hour of continuing education concerning updates of Ohio laws or rules regulating the practice of cosmetology;
         (ii)    Two hours of continuing education concerning safety and sanitation; and
         (iii)   Five hours of continuing education concerning subject matter relating to the scope of services for each license held by the individual.
    (b) Continuing education hours completed to meet the requirements of paragraphs (B)(1)(a)(i) and (B)(1)(a)(ii) of this rule may be used to meet the continuing education requirements for other licenses the individual seeks to renew under division (B) of this rule and need not be repeated for each license.
You will need the following information to take the quiz and register your completion of this training:
License Number (Example: 121212), First and last name, and valid email address.


To receive one (1) hour of continuing education credit, complete steps 1 & 2.

1.)  Click here to begin Video (approx. 52 minutes) (Please do not use Google Chrome because of issues with the Video Link, Please use either Internet Explorer or Firefox as your web browser and turn off pop-up blockers).

Move mouse over Video Player, then click on the up/down arrows located at the bottom right in order to expand to full screen.

2.)  After you watch the video, you must login and take the required quiz. Please click on Start Quiz to begin.
Note: Link to quiz is ONLY available upon completion of video