Continuing Education Classes

Continuing Education (CE) classes for the 2013-2015 renewal must be taken between February 1, 2013 and January 31, 2015. When taking a CE course, licensees are required to sign-in to the class using their name and Board identification number (e.g. COSM.991234). Upon completion of the course, licensees should receive a certificate of completion. The certificate should indicate the date, location, hours received, CE approval number, and name of course. Under no circumstance can a CE class be duplicated during a renewal period. During the CE audit the Board may request proof of completion of CE hours. Therefore, the certificate should be retained in a safe and accessible place.

All CE classes intended to be used for license renewal must have pre-approval by the Board. It is the responsibility of the licensee to distinguish if a CE class has been approved. Approved classes are listed on the Board website . Also, licensees should ask the provider of the class if Board approval has been obtained. If there are questions regarding specific CE course content, loss of a certificate of completion, directions, etc. please contact the provider of the class directly.

PLEASE NOTE: The Board will no longer accept out-of-state classes towards personal license renewal unless class has been pre-approved by the Board.

Continuing Education Hour Requirements:

Class Content Eligibility
Cosmetology/Managing Cosmetology8Hair, Nails, Skin Care–Relaxation Massage/Business
Esthetician/Managing Esthetician8Skin Care – Relaxation Massage / Business
Hair Designer/Managing Hair Designer8Hair Care / Business
Manicurist/Managing Manicurist8Nail Care / Business
Natural Hair Stylist/Managing Natural Hair Stylist8Braiding, Extensions (no chemicals or cutting)/ Business
Independent Contractor (IC)0N/A
Instructor8Teaching – See List Below

Instructor ONLY CE Courses

Any course that is designated for Instructor CE must meet the following guidelines:

  • Course must be designed for instructor CE only, cannot be in combination with other scope of practice material.
  • Curriculum for instructor only classes must be comprised of topics from the list promulgated by the “Board” to include one or more of the following:
Instructional MethodsLesson Plan Development
Direct Instructional ActivityDealing with Difficult Personalities
How-to-Instructional CourseHow to Teach Hands-on-Learning
Developing Course CurriculumsState Laws & Rules
Speech Courses

Career Technical Teachers may submit a transcript from a college or university as proof of post graduate work. Transcript/proof of completion and/or questions should be emailed to

First Time Licensee
If this is your first Ohio license, you are not required to take continuing education (CE) for this renewal cycle. However, it is required that the renewal fee be paid to keep a license active.

Continuing Education exemption for licensees aged sixty-five (65) or older.
Licensees age sixty-five or older before January 31 of a renewal period are exempt from the requirement to obtain continuing education hours for the renewal of their active license. However, it is required that the renewal fee be paid to keep a license active.

Licensees with an escrowed license must continue to pay the renewal fee each period. Failure to pay renewal fee will result in license going into a lapsed status. At the time a licensee wishes to remove a license from escrow, proof of the appropriate number of continuing education hours must be provided. Please contact the Board directly for more information.

If a renewal fee has not been received for two (2) consecutive renewal periods that license will go into a lapsed status. Once a license is lapsed it is required that the licensee pay all back fees and obtain up to twenty-four (24) hours of CE to return a license to an ACTIVE state. Please contact the Amnesty Department of the Board directly for more information.