United States Government Warnings on Formaldehyde

Ingredient in Brazilian Blow Out and nail polish linked to cancer and health risks.

    The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology seeks to inform all associated with the industry about two recent developments with respect to formaldehyde in products that are in popular usage in Ohio salons.  We are only reporting what has been represented publicly by The Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) and The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program, and ask you to use your best judgment.


     The National Toxicology Program flat out states that formaldehyde causes cancer, and is recommending adding it to the list of carcinogens.  The Food and Drug Administration has not banned this substance, and it remains legal.  The Toxicological Program’s findings have been strongly disputed by industry representatives.


Please see these articles for more information about the potential affects of formaldehyde:





OSHA specifically recommends the following precautions for “Brazilian Blow Outs” that contain formaldehyde:

If a salon owner decides to continue using a formaldehyde-containing hair smoothing product, then he or she must follow OSHA's formaldehyde standard. Important requirements of this standard include conducting air monitoring, installing ventilation where needed and training workers about formaldehyde, as well as providing protective equipment such as gloves, chemical splash goggles, face shields and chemical resistant aprons.”

The Ohio State Board encourages you do know the products that you are working with and emphasize safety for your customers and workers.